Alligator Clip

for VIBROX Sound Engine

Vibes Modular products are all about letting people do more with their smartphones. With this useful Alligator Clip, you can attach your Vibes Modular VIBROX smartphone speaker to your backpack, your workstation, shower, kitchen shelf, or your cooler. Great for when you want to detach your VIBROX accessory from your smartphone. Put it wherever you want to hear sound & Music or use the VIBROX conference calling feature on the fly. With this alligator accessory, you can Vibe anywhere.

$14.95 Regular price $24.95


  • Attaches easily to anything clipable
  • The Vibrox Sound Engine can be used detached from your smartphone
  • Rugged accessory made of durable military grade plastic
  • Let’s you use the VIBROX by itself when not attached to your BASEROX case

What’s in the Box?

  • One Alligator Clip accessory

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