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About Us

Vibes Modular is recognized for designing and engineering modular smartphone accessories including premium Bluetooth® audio and power products. Its ROXON System at its core includes BASEROX™ smartphone cases, offering an innovative way to easily snap on its various products right to the back the case. The company's first interchangeable products include its impressive VIBROX® Sound Engine, and the VOLTROX® Power Bank, creating a new way to listen to music and power your devices.

This approach to design supports device-agnostic mobile accessories. If you upgrade your phone, just change your case, but keep your Vibes Modular accessories. This is how our products are shareable, swappable, and sustainable, bringing good vibes to users across the globe.

Founded in 2014, Vibes started as "Vibes Audio" using the highest quality materials and innovative engineering to bring cutting edge premium audio and power products. Vibes Audio will continue to leverage its other audio  technology with other applications. When the company realized the vast opportunity in the smartphone accessory market for its products, the company created Vibes Modular to focus on this space. Vibes Modular is committed to developing future mobile products that offer sustainability for an ever changing market.

Vibes Modular's executive team is composed of award-winning industry leaders and manufacturers who are integral to the design and engineering of some of the most innovative audio and power products. The team has the combined experience of 100+ years in design, innovation, and development with industry-leading companies including TDK, Vizio, Harman Kardon, Klipshe, Mcintosh, and JBL.

Our advanced, exciting technologies are easy to use, durable, and adaptable, giving the smartphone user an all-in-one convenient audio and power solution for every lifestyle. Our chosen partnership manufacturers and designers let us take advantage of a long history of successful consumer electronics products so we can provide beautiful enhanced reliable products engineered for the consumer to experience anywhere they can think of…

Where will you take yours?  #VIBEANYWHERE

Now seeking Brand Ambassadors. Social Media Influencers contact, or strategic partnership opportunities please reach out to Shane Wilder swilder@vibesmodular.com