Modular Smartphone System
For iPhone And Samsung Galaxy

Vibes Modular with its unique ROXON Modular Smartphone System, has created a whole new segment of handy (and dare we say pretty rad) device-agnostic accessories for Apple iPhones and Samsung Galaxy smartphones.
Good vibes start with our simple yet unique BASEROX phone case. Our growing list of interchangeable accessories simply: snap-on (and off).
Goodbye obsolescence. Hello, removable, shareable, and sustainable.


1. Start with the base

The BASEROX Modular Smartphone Case is the base for the ROXON system. We support Apple iPhone models 6, 6s, 6 Plus, 7, 7 Plus, 8, 8 Plus and Samsung Galaxy models S7 Edge, S8, and S8 Plus.

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2. Amplify your sound

Simply snap the VIBROX Sound Engine Bluetooth Speaker to your BASEROX case for amazing sound in a small form factor

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3. Power on

Get your VOLTROX Power Bank and snap it on to your BASEROX case. Attach the battery pack, charge up, remove. It's that simple. No need to carry your battery pack when you don't need it.

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4. Accessorize

 You'll want to bring your Vibes Modular products everywhere. The StickyMount adapter is a sweet accessory that allows you to mount your Vibes Modular products practically anywhere. Slap your VIBROX speaker on your cooler, in the garage, or in the shower.

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5. Vibe

Have fun. Experience great vibes. Take the music you want anywhere you go. Enjoy your favorite sounds while surfing, biking, painting, cooking, yoga... Be "always on" with portable modular power. Where will you take your ROXON modular smartphone system? Engage with us on social media and share your pics in action using the hashtag #VibeAnywhere. We'd love to hear from you.