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Vibes Modular Affiliate Program

Become a Vibes Modular Affiliate.  Make money easily by selling mobile accessories online or in-store. 

Vibes Modular's ROXON connection system is the MAGSAFE alternative.  We  have created a whole new segment of mobile product cases.  Sell our cases and accessories.   Our growing list of accessories simply snap on to the back of the BASEROX case. This makes our products removable, shareable, and reusable and easy for you to sell to many different lifestyles and demographics. 

We are looking for professional affiliates that we can establish a long-term relationship with.

Vibes Modular SmartPhone Affiliate Program offers:

  • 8-12%+ commission rate
  • High conversion rates
  • Easy to use creatives and promotional assets
  • Opportunity for exclusive product offerings & custom creative assets

What We're Looking For

  • We are looking for content creators, tech leaders, Youtubers, TikTokers, IG stars, you name it, you can make cash with us. 
  • Professional partners with high quality content

 Getting Started Is Easy!

Register or log in at ShareASale.com. check out Vibes Modular Shareasale Profile!  If selected you can start referring your site visitors to Vibes Modular and get paid for every sale.  Questions? Email us at info@vibesmodular.com


Want to do Brick and Mortar?  Our product lends itself to bundling and sales staff demos.  Franchise owners of AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile, cellphone mall kiosks should contact us for bulk discount pricing.  Email jlandry@vibesmodular.com