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Vibration Technology

Vibration Technology

There’s a new player in the ever evolving music revolution.

Just like you wouldn’t carry around a boombox to listen to your favorite jams, you shouldn’t walk around listening to your music with your built-in speakers on your cell phone.

The VIBROX Sound Engine from Vibes Modular brings you the best sound possible by using vibration sound technology in a speaker that snaps on your phone.

So, what is this vibration sound technology?

A traditional speaker uses a cone to amplify the sound frequencies. That frequency and range of traditional speakers is directly dependent on the size of the cone. That’s why small speakers aren’t as powerful as larger speakers.

Vibration technology has removed the need for a cone and instead uses a surface as the cone. You could use this technology on just about anything - wood, glass, metal, cardboard, plastic, a dog chew toy! We tested hundreds of materials and discovered carbon fiber. Its resonance was astounding. Edison would be proud! Not only does it look cool but it puts out amazing sound.

Because you don’t need a cone with air flowing through, we can pack great sound in a small form factor while getting all the benefits of bluetooth technology. It even got an equalizer to adjust the sound for inside and outside applications. A built in conference calling feature is the icing on the cake.

We’ve used it on glass doors, pieces of art, heck, we’ve even put it on cornhole boards, and the sound is incredible.

Now we are bringing this awesome new vibration technology to you. With VIBROX you can listen to your favorite music anywhere, even in the ocean! That’s right, VIBROX is waterproof so that means you can rock out to your favorite tunes in any condition. Take it in the shower, the pool, snowboarding, biking, hiking, or on your nightly walk.

Get a StickyPlate adapter and now you can hang your VIBROX sound engine on the wall, in your cooler, or wherever you want to play your music.

With the Vibrox Sound Engine you too will be able to live our motto of Vibe Anywhere.

Happy Vibing!