Introducing StashRox Wallet!

Sleek and secure mobile modular wallet. Fits up to 8 Credit cards with RFID protection. Never carry a bulky wallet again!

Modular Smartphone System

Smartphones have become a central part of our daily lives at home and at work. We take them everywhere. But more features and bigger screens takes more power. The innovative BASEROX case opens the door to infinite possibilities for exciting accessories to help you stay powered and doing more.
Keep checking back as we continue to roll out new exciting modular mobile products & accessories.

Accessory Bundle Special Offer

Vibes Modular Multipurpose Case, Belt Clip & 5800 mAh Extended Battery Pack

DuraForce Pro 2 Case by Vibes Modular

Vibes Multipurpose Case

Battery Pack for DuraForce Pro 2

Vibes 5800 mAh Extended Battery Pack

Belt Clip for DuraForce Pro 2 by Vibes Modular

Vibes Pocket Clip

  1. Vibes Multipurpose Case
  2. Vibes 5800 mAh Extended Battery Pack
  3. Vibes Pocket Clip

Share and swap across multiple devices

We've all been there. You’re almost out of juice, and panic sets in. Save the day with VOLTROX power banks and other accessories. Share and swap with coworkers, family & Friends.

Interchangeable accessories that snap on and off

The ROXON Moldular Smartphone system gives you more options. More protection. More power. More sound. More fun. And more good vibes along the way. Easily attach and detach useful accessories so you can use what you need when you need it.

SUSTAINABLE MOBILE | Reuse, Repurpose, Reimagine

Featured Review: ROXON

GadgetSpout Reviews Vibes Modular Smartphone System on YouTube. “A flawless phone companion.” Check out this video:

Upgrade Your Phone, Save Your Stuff

Don’t worry about having to throw your useless phone accessories in the junk drawer every time you change your phone. Simply change your case, and snap-on your reusable ROXON modular smartphone accessories.


”This (BASEROX) case turns your iPhone into a modular device.“
”Because the modules clip to your phone, you wind up carrying them without really thinking about them—and that’s the system’s best feature.“
prosound news
”The (VIBROX) carbon fiber soundboard results in an ultra thin speaker that looks really cool.“
Digital Trends
Digital Trends
”Vibes (Modular) brings modular accessories to iPhones and Samsung phones.“
The Gadgeteer
the gadgeteer
”The sheer convenience of being able to snap it onto the back of your phone is pretty awesome.“
”What are these delightful techie gadgets? For us, it's a new way to enjoy your music on the fly and charge your phone in those moments when you really need some juice.“
Purple Ways
Purple Ways