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All accessories attach to the BASEROX Case.
Featured Product: VOLTROX Power Bank

Power On

Portable phone power has never been cooler for iPhones and Samsung Galaxy smartphones. BASEROX and VOLTROX shipping now.

  • Rechargeable battery pack
  • Snaps on to the back of your BASEROX case
  • Thin lightweight form factor
  • Can remove it when not in use
  • Shareable and swapable
  • Only $49 for case and power bank
  • Up to 150% more battery life
  • Can charge other devices too (Tablets, iPads)
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Combo Pack
Only 49$
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Modular Smartphone Accessories

Sustainable accessories for iPhone and Samsung Galaxy. 

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Upgrade Your Phone, Save Your Stuff

Don't worry about having to throw your useless phone accessories in the junk drawer every time you change your phone. Simply change your case, and snap-on your reusable ROXON modular smartphone accessories.


OT4Tech Reviews Vibes Modular Smartphone System on YouTube. We are stoked to be part of their 9.6 million views.

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