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Vibes Modular Roxon modular accessory connector with Modular Wallet and Wireless Battery

Modular Phone Case



Includes Roxon Connector, Wallet and Wireless Battery

The Roxon

Our patented, Roxon Universal Connector allows any phone or case to use our modular accessories!!!   Use any Vibes accessory and snap in or snap out!  From wallets to speakers, stands, car and motorcycle mounts,  batteries to belt clips!   More are coming every day!   

  • Do More: Use this connector to enter the Vibes Modular Ecosystem and do more with your phone today!!!
  • Durable:   Made with sturdy aluminum ring and attached with super strong 3M adhesive. The Roxon Connector is super durable and items won't fall off it.  From mountain bikes, to motorcycles, or to the job site.
  • Upgrade your current case! Roxon fits most phones and cases.   
  • No need for magnets.  improve your old phone's battery with a new external  battery.
  • Buy 2 and use  across multiple devices. Cross swap and save money!  Use your accessories on all your phones!
  • Go Caseless!  Have a rugged case or Applecare?   Use the Roxon directly on the back of your phone.   Be forewarned, it won't come off easily!
  • Bundle and Save:  Check out our Travel, Adventure, and Work bundles!  Save when you buy together!  
  • NO CASE is included in this bundle
  • Roxon may obscure finger print or other sensors on the back of a phone. 

StashRox Wallet

  • RFID proof stops Identity-theft
  • Holds up to 8 credit cards
  • Completely modular, interchange with other accessories
  • Customizable color plates
  • Secure finger-grab

Voltrox Modular Battery

  • 5800 mAH wireless induction charging
  • up to 200% charge

More fun with accessories

From speakers and belt clips, to GroPro mounts and batteries, Vibes’ system allows you to do more with your phone!


Our Military spec drop-tested accessories keep your devices safe.

Modular: swap in swap out

Not using your battery? Take it out and make room for something else. Swap-in, Swap-out. The Roxon Connection makes it easy.

Save Money

Upgrade your phone, all your accessories are compatible with our Roxon Connection system. Keep your stuff!

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