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StickyMount Adapter

for affixing accessories



This multipurpose adapter can help you store and easily display your Vibes Modular accessories. If you are a First Responder or a driver or field tech you might want to stick one of these inside your vehicle to get easy access to a stored VOLTROX battery pack. Or use it to display your VIBROX Sound Engine bluetooth speaker wherever you want, like the garage, in the shower, on your tool box, your tacklebox, kayak, paddleboard, surfboard (it’s waterproof) or ??. Easy to attach-- either screw it on or stick it on. Vibe Anywhere.


  • Size is 2.75” x 4.5” 
  • Pre-drilled for two screws
  • Patent pending ROXON connection
  • 2 sided Heavy Duty VHB tape


  • One Baserox Sticky Mount Adapter
  • Two strips double sided heavy duty VHB tape

More fun with accessories

From speakers and belt clips, to GroPro mounts and batteries, Vibes’ system allows you to do more with your phone!


Our Military spec drop-tested accessories keep your devices safe.

Modular: swap in swap out

Not using your battery? Take it out and make room for something else. Swap-in, Swap-out. The Roxon Connection makes it easy.

Save Money

Upgrade your phone, all your accessories are compatible with our Roxon Connection system. Keep your stuff!