StickyMount VIBROX Adapter

To fully benefit from the ROXON modular phone system, you’ll want to bring your Vibes Modular products everywhere. The BASEROX StickyMount™ adapter is a simple-to-install very handy accessory that allows you to mount your Vibes Modular products practically anywhere. Slap on your VIBROX Sound Engine speaker on your cooler, in the garage, in the shower, on your tool box, your tacklebox, kayak, paddleboard, surfboard (it’s waterproof). Take it anywhere. You’ll probably want a few of these adapters. Of course you will need your BASEROX modular smartphone case and check out the VOLTROX Power Bank modular battery pack. Now you can Vibe Anywhere.


Available Now for Immediate Delivery


  • Size is 2.75” x 4.5” 
  • Pre-drilled for two screws
  • Patent pending ROXON connection
  • 2 sided Heavy Duty VHB tape


  • One Baserox Sticky Mount Adapter
  • Two strips double sided heavy duty VHB tape

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