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Vibes Modular Smartphone Bike Mount with Universal Connector Back

for ROXON System



Get more from your  smart phones with this handy Phone Mount accessory for the  with our  ROXON CONNECTOR.  Ride your bike or motorcycle (or wherever you have action camera mounts) and easily attach your smartphone to your handlebars (or elsewhere) with this sturdy accessory. This works with popular action camera mounts like GoPro® clasps.  Attach the Roxon Connector to your case and your phone now can attach to any our of our accessories


  • Attach your phone to your handlebars or elsewhere
  • Mount snaps onto Roxon  Connector (included in this bundle), a $20 value
  • Allows you to connect to a variety of other accessories. 
  • Roxon becomes PERMANENTLY attached to your phone case
  • Phone Mount attaches easily to popular action camera mounts
  • Rugged accessory made of durable military grade plastic
  • Let’s you easily attach your smartphone as you ride

What’s in the Box?

  • One Vibes Gro-Pro mount
  • Bike adaptor mount
  • one Roxon Universal Connector

More fun with accessories

From speakers and belt clips, to GroPro mounts and batteries, Vibes’ system allows you to do more with your phone!


Our Military spec drop-tested accessories keep your devices safe.

Modular: swap in swap out

Not using your battery? Take it out and make room for something else. Swap-in, Swap-out. The Roxon Connection makes it easy.

Save Money

Upgrade your phone, all your accessories are compatible with our Roxon Connection system. Keep your stuff!